Solar PV Systems & Battery Storage

With rising energy costs more and more people are looking to save money on their bills.

Solar PV can offer a fantastic way to reduce these bills and when you add on battery storage, electric vehicle charging and immersion controllers the savings are even better.

OMNIA can supply and install all of these technologies at competitive prices with quality workmanship.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Electrical Dangers

Electrical Dangers

Electrical dangers within your home can only be seen by registered electricians who are able to test the installation.

This can only be achieved using specialist test equipment. Registered electricians like us are assessed every 12 months and have to demonstrate competency whilst using this equipment.

Interactive Smart Screen

Interactive Smart Screen Installations

Interactive Smart Screen Supply & Installation

We regularly install Interactive Smart Screens to Schools throughout Liverpool, Warrington and the North West.

These Interactive Smart Screens are brilliant. We are finding that most schools now want to replace the older style Interactive Smart Board and projectors.

Less cabling, easier to install, more features and a better picture make these screens the future for our children’s classrooms. Omnia can take care of the entire project for you.


IPAF Trained

OMNIA are IPAF trained and we hold a licence for :

Mobile Vertical (3a): Scissor lifts, vertical personnel platforms (mobile)
Mobile Boom (3b): Self-propelled booms


The International Powered Access Federation promotes the safe and effective use of powered access worldwide. Set up in 1983, they are a not-for-profit members’ organisation that represents the interests of manufacturers, distributors, users, rental and training companies. It serves as a forum for all active in the world of powered access. IPAF has played a key role in promoting many of the design, safety and testing procedures that are now established in the powered access industry.

PAL Card

Those who successfully complete training are awarded the PAL Card (Powered Access Licence), the most widely held and recognised proof of training for platform operators. The PAL Card is valid for five years and shows the machine categories that the operator has been trained in. It also features the holder’s photo and signature, and can be verified by calling IPAF.